About the Woodlands Health Market

Health & Wellness Shop

Welcome to The Woodlands Health Market, the local sanctuary for all your holistic needs since 1999. As a proud woman-owned and women-run establishment, we have been dedicated to fostering Wellness, vitality, and optimal health. Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower your holistic journey through personalized care, expertise, and a commitment to excellence and educating the community.

Our Story

Founded in 1999, The Woodlands Health Market has become a haven where individuals can embark on a personalized path to vibrant living. In 2023, Denise Leitch acquired the Health Market, bringing her nearly three decades of experience in the health and wellness community. As a certified massage therapist, Reiki Master, and naturopathic practitioner, Denise enhances our commitment to holistic well-being. Her transformative approach has breathed new life into the heart of The Woodlands Health Market, creating a space that continues to inspire and guide individuals on their unique journey to well-being.

Denise Leitch, guiding your well-being:

As the current owner, she infuses her passion for holistic living into the heart of The Woodlands Health Market. Denise’s dedication extends beyond our market shelves. She is on a perpetual quest, researching and curating the finest products available to ensure our customers can access the very best. Beyond this, Denise is passionate about creating an inclusive and knowledgeable space. The Woodlands Health Market is not just a store; It’s a community hub where individuals can learn about their health and wellness journey. Denise strives to foster an environment where everyone feels empowered with knowledge and welcomed into a community supporting their unique path to well-being.

The Market Experience

Step into The Woodlands Health Market and experience a curated selection of the finest holistic products and services. Our extensive research guarantees that each item on our shelves is carefully chosen, embodying the essence of natural and holistic solutions. Beyond a store, we offer a space where your holistic journey is not just a destination, but a personalized experience crafted for your well-being.

Our Mission Unveiled

At The Woodlands Health Market, we aspire to empower you on your unique holistic journey. From personalized care and expert guidance to an extensive array of health and Wellness services, our commitment is to uplift and inspire you toward vibrant living. We invite you to explore, experience, and embark on a journey to the healthiest version of you!

Discover the essence of holistic living at The Woodlands Health Market, where your well-being takes center stage.